A color changing glass pipe is fun with vibrant, bright, reflective and unique colors. The effects of the color changing glass make smoking glass pieces exciting.

Aside from bongs, the Bong Store likes to add a variety of options to smokers.

Color changing pipes come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Bubblers and water bongs are known for their uniqueness and design. Glass pipes and bowls can also achieve this with their color changing and portability features.

As these pipes get smoked, the fumed metals within the glass begin to take sight. Altered by the heat and resins these color changing glass pipes can change very rapidly.

Anyone can also get the color changing one-hitters or glass blunts, and glass bongs.

Add a color changing glass pipe to your collection of cool bongs and pipes. Smoke with variety and style as well.

A color changing pipe can cost just as much as cheap water bongs, however cheap glass pipes can be found at the Bong Store and Grass City.

Chunky glass pipes, small glass pipes, one-hitter, chillums, and water pipes are all available as color changing glass pipes.

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