The Bong Store can vouch for that fact that having a glass bong is nice, but having a cool bong really hits the spot.

Glass bongs come in an almost infinite variety of styles, glass on glass bongs are a smoker favorite.  Glass bubblers create a smoother and more fulfilling smoking experience.  Water bongs are becoming increasingly popular.

The most popular, and certainly some of the coolest bongs are Roar Bongs.  Roar has been around for years serving up the smoking community with some of the coolest glass bongs to date.

Another popular bong maker is Magic Giants bongs.  These are pretty cool glass pieces which are all made in Germany.  They offer the popular 6000 Ice Lift Off Bong.

When in search of cool glass bongs at you’re sure to find something that will suit your smoking needs.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting back with a nice glass water bong to enhance your smoking experience.